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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who are interested in local and family history, television programmes such as “Who Do You Think You Are” has encouraged enthusiasts to move away from just name collecting to taking a more scholarly approach to their research. This includes studying the local history of the parishes in which their ancestors lived, the effect that it would have had on them and the part they played in this history. In the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century many books were written that will help family and local historians.  The problem is that a lot of these were only produced in very small numbers and those that have survived are prohibitively expensive, if they come up for sale. The object of this website is to eventually have the largest collection of these rare books relating to the West Country available, in good quality, to everyone on CD at a reasonable price. USING THIS SITE There are a number of ways that you can use this website. The first is to choose the subject you are interested in. If your interest is genealogy, then chose a county that you are interested in and then click on the button with the county that interests you.  This will take you to a “quick list” in which you can chose a title of a book, click on it and this will take you to the page that this CDs appears giving full details.  Alternatively, from the quick list you can click on the button at the bottom which will allow you to browse all the CDs in that county/subject.  HARD COPIES  I understand that a lot of people do not like reading from a computer and I have produced most of the publications so that they can be printed, either specific pages or the whole volume.   Also, if you have an eBook reader that will accept PDF files, permission is granted so that you can also move a copy to your reader.  POSTAGE Items are usually posted the same day UK Postage Free. Overseas postage £5.00 regardless of the number of CDs bought. PAYMENT AND SECURITY In order to give you the highest security there is you will see that the address that this site starts with “https://” showing that it is secure. Also now I only accept payments by PayPal, again this gives to confidence and security when making payment. I only accept cheque payments on a UK cheque. Please make it payable to “B.D. Welchman”.  Items that are paid for by cheque will be dispatched once the cheque has cleared. PLEASE ENJOY BROWSING THE SITE
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