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Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans by F. Cumont (ref: 149) A people do occasionally have a glance at their “stars” in the newspapers and most will know what star sign they are but what a lot do not realise is that Astrology is one of the oldest “sciences” in the world. This book, published in 1912, looks at it from the point of view of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and the different ways that they studied and revered it. £4.00 including UK Postage       £5.50 including Overseas Postage
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The Astrologer's Guide. Anima Astrologiae Or A Guide for Astrologers (Ref: 150) Published in 1886 this book covers the One Hundred and Forty-Six Considerations of the famous astrologer Guido Bonatus. Translated from the Latin By Henry Coley Together with the Choicest Aphorisms of the Seven Segments of Jerom Cardan Of Milan which was edited by William Lilly (1675). Republished from a unique copy of the original edition, with notes and a preface by William C. Eldon Serjeant, Fellow of the Theosophical Society. Guido Bonatti's died around 1300. He is probably the first astrologer to have used the midpoints in astrology. He used it to refine the timing for the military campaigns for the Count of Montefeltro.  Bonati announced to the count that he would repulse the enemy but would be wounded in the fray. The event transpired as Bonati had predicted, and the count, who had taken with him the necessary materials to staunch his wound in case the prophecy came true, became a devout adherent of astrology. There is a tradition that Bonatti, towards the end of his life, took the friar's habit of the Franciscan Order. This has been contested, as Bonatti expressed great disdain for Franciscans in his early period. However, the Franciscan Order, in the 1924 inaugural issue of its annual publication, Franciscan Studies, lays claim to Fra Guido Bonatti: The celebrated physicist, astronomer and astrologer, Guido Bonatti (d. 1296), a Friar Minor, drew scholars to his professional chair from all parts of Europe. He wrote Theoria Planetarum (printed at Venice, 1506) and Liber Astronomicus
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