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A NEW ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FREEMASONRY Volumes 1 and 2 (Ref 033) by A. E. WAITE The   Freemason   have   always   been   surrounded   by   mystery   and   intrigue.   Their   reputation as   a   “secret   society”   has   added   to   this   and   speculations   as   to   their   powers   and   ability   to manipulate   people   and   even   governments   have   run   rife.   This   publication   is   the   result   of much   work   and   research   carried   out   by   the   author.   Published   in   the   early   part   of   the   20   th century   (circa   1923)   this   books   contains   almost   a   thousand   pages,   in   two   volumes,   of information   relating   to   this   ancient   Order   covering   such   aspects   as   it's   ceremonies   and rites,   a   chronology   of   the   Masons,   the   Illuminati   and   hundreds   of   other   topics.   It   is   in alphabetical   order   and   the   CD   is   also   fully   searchable      If   you   have   an   ancestor   who   was a   Freemason,   an   interest   in   the   history   of   the   Freemasons,   you   are   a   member   of   the Freemasons   or   your   curiosity   has   been   awakened   by   such   books   as   the   De   Vinci   Code and Angels and Demons, then you need this publication.  £5.00 including UK Postage       £6.50 including Overseas Postage
METHODIST MINUTES OF CONFERENCE 1878 (Ref 106) In   over   450   pages   this   books   gives   a   full   insight   to   the   workings   of   the   Methodist   Church at   this   time.   Importantly   for   family   historians   it   lists   thousands   of   names   of   Wesleyan Methodist   Ministers   in   Great   Britain,   Ireland,   Colonial   and   Foreign   “Stations”   as   well   as those   in   training   and   various   other   members.   For   those   interested   in   a   more   general history   if   gives   details   of   various   funds,   charities,   obituaries   of   Ministers   who   have   passed away    and    membership    figures    for    the    various    circuits    in    Great    Britain,    Ireland    and Overseas. This   book   is   invaluable   for   family   historians,   local   historians,   and   those   with   an   interest   in the Methodist Church. Fully Searchable £5.00 including UK Postage       £6.50 including Overseas Postage
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